Why PunchDonald?

Seriously? Have you seen this guy? Have you read the news? Have you heard the things this guy says every day? Have you seen the people he surrounds himself with? Have you seen how gross the swamp is that he's filling?

These days it seems like only the billionaires and the dirtbags stand a chance in Washington DC. It's starting to seem fairly hopeless for a lot of people, but there are still people who are standing up. Thank God for the Women’s March. Thank God for the ACLU. Thank God for Planned Parenthood. Thank God for Jim Carrey. Thank God for all the journalists who are bold enough to stand up and say what they believe in. Thank God for everyone who has the guts to take a stand… to voice an opinion against the corruption … the racism .. the sexism.

For the frustrated masses who can’t get it out any other way, there’s PunchDonald. Go ahead… rack up some virtual punches and see how much better you feel. Since actually punching people is simply out of the question, there’s PunchDonald.

Tell your friends and check back often! We’ll always have a running list of Donald’s latest lies and most irritating tweets to keep you inspired. Plus inspired tidbits from our crack team of writers.

-The Resistance

Rock The Vote

If there's one bit of good that Donald has done, it's in showing us all how easy it is for an incompetent crazy person to take over our country. There's only one way to roll this back...

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10 July 2018

Supreme Court Nomination - Kavanaugh

Another not-so-funny ‘joke’ Trump pulled recently was the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to become an Associate Justice of theSupreme Court of the United States, amidst multiple allegations levelled against him. Donald sided with him. Defending Judge Kavanaugh against accusations of sexual assault. This Kavanaughwouldn’t be the first time Donald is defending powerful men against the claims of women. Back in February, Donald let it be known how tough he thinks it is these days for men.


14 June 2018

Standing Up - Jim Carrey

In light of the intense backlash from the right, or from Donald himself, many people are afraid to take a public stance… but not everyone.

Jim Carrey gained a reputation this year for being outspoken on political issues on Twitter through artwork. The comedian has been making serious waves with his highly detailed paintings of political figures.



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