Why PunchDonald?

Seriously? Have you seen this guy? Have you read the news? Have you heard the things this guy says every day? Have you seen the people he surrounds himself with? Have you seen how gross the swamp is that he's filling?

These days it seems like only the billionaires and the dirtbags stand a chance in Washington DC. It's starting to seem fairly hopeless for a lot of people, but there are still people who are standing up. Thank God for the Women’s March. Thank God for the ACLU. Thank God for Planned Parenthood. Thank God for Jim Carrey. Thank God for all the journalists who are bold enough to stand up and say what they believe in. Thank God for everyone who has the guts to take a stand… to voice an opinion against the corruption … the racism .. the sexism.

For the frustrated masses who can’t get it out any other way, there’s PunchDonald. Go ahead… rack up some virtual punches and see how much better you feel. Since actually punching people is simply out of the question, there’s PunchDonald.

Tell your friends and check back often! We’ll always have a running list of Donald’s latest lies and most irritating tweets to keep you inspired. Plus inspired tidbits from our crack team of writers.

-The Resistance

08 November 2018


Yesterday, Donald forced Attorney General Jeff Sessions to resign in a blatant attempt to impede Robert Mueller's Trump-Russia investigation.

Sessions was replaced by Trump crony and Mueller critic Matt Whitaker — who will now become Mueller's boss and oversee the investigation — crossing a red line set to protect the investigation.

Join tens of thousands across the country at an urgent protest at 5:00 p.m. local time TODAY, Thursday, November 8, demanding immediate action to hold Trump accountable and protect the Mueller investigation.

Click here to find an event near you and to confirm the timing and details of your event.

Get out there!

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07 November 2018

We Took The House!!!

Well, this is exciting! Democrats have taken back the House. And naturally, Donald is blustering about and hurling insults.


26 October 2018

Donald's iPhone Is How He Shares State Secrets with China and Russia

Remember how Donald and his party of poopers howled on and on about Hillary's email? Remember the endless shouting and posturing about how brazen and careless she was... how much a criminal etc and on and on?

Well step aside Hillary! Donald's gonna show the world how it's REALLY done. Donald apparently has three iPhones, but only two are equipped with the NSA's security features... one intended only for tweeting (ugggg... someone please make that one stop). The third phone is just a regular old iPhone... unsecured as your own. In spite of repeated warnings that this phone could easily be compromised, Donald has insisted on using it.

Guess what! You guessed it. China and Russia have been listening to Donald's calls. They must have strong stomachs. Personally, I don't think I could take it. Well, maybe if I went straight to The PunchDonald Game and took a few shots to "wipe the dirt off"...but even so. According to the New York Times, China and Russia have been listening in and gathering information from Donald's conversations... but rest easy... I'm sure they have good intentions.


24 October 2018

Pipe Bombs Sent to Trump’s ‘Enemies’

Sadly, this is not surprising... but it sure is sad. In fact, this is the reason our first post here at PunchDonald.com was all about applauding those who are brave enough to speak out in the scary time of people driving cars into crowds and shooting peaceful protesters. In times like these when “the right” is so revved up believing that the scary demons from the left are going to try and pry their guns out of their hands or give their hard earned money away to lazy freeloaders, it’s scary to speak out. Now you just watch, Donald and his buddies will be on TV tonight talking about how this is actually a conspiracy... how George Soros is actually sending these pipe bombs to himself, the Clintons, The Obamas, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, CNN... basically Donald’s list of sworn enemies.


23 October 2018

2018 is the year that we all must VOTE!!!!!

Never has it been so important for all of us to vote! Donald and his ilk are working hard to undermine the foundations of our democracy, roll back crucial environmental protections, fatten their pockets at our expense and screw up healthcare even more. And while we certainly want you to take out your frustrations racking up punches at www.punchdonald.com, we’d rather you went out and voted.

It’s time to #resist the red tide. Let’s take back this country!


Here’s everything you need.


don jr must play

22 October 2018

Republicans Are Running on a Health Care Lie

Though many Republicans, such as Missouri’s Josh Hawley, continue to make statements claiming to “support forcing insurance companies to cover all pre-existing conditions,” records tell us the reality. Hawley, for instance, joined a lawsuit that intends to wipe out the Affordable Care Act, including its protections for patients with pre-existing conditions, arguing that those provisions are unconstitutional.



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